Thanks for the comment, Marja-Leena. Of course, since I only know you through your words, it seems strange to hear you say you have difficulty with them! But if so, it’s all the more of a credit to you that you’re as generous with them in your blog and in other people’s comment threads as you are.

My new camera has a manual focus, of course, but I find myself unable to use it with any accuracy, even using the viewfinder – my eyesight just isn’t good enough. Autofocus is a godsend. Even still, I’ve ended up having to discard many otherwise good photos because they weren’t sharp enough, and I’ve been driven to learn a bit more photoshoppery in an effort to find ways to make up for some fuzziness.

I agree with you about the salutary effects of blogging. As you may remember, posting to this blog was initially my only incentive to take photos, after my cousin Matt sent me his used digicam for that purpose.