And since I didn’t say it before — yes, this is a great piece, despite (or because of) being disturbing….

It occurs to me that while I might not cut a finger off for my kitty, I’ve certainly forgiven a certain amount of blood over the years. She’s never had reason to really savage me, but I’d take it if necessary (say, if I needed to restrain her while she was panicked).

I put up with even more from my rabbit, way back when. He not only scratched me regularly (and bit me once), but trashed the carpets of two apartments, pissed my beds, ate my futon (with help from the cat), undermined my bookcase to the point of collapse, plus chewed on my clothes, and my books. Oh yeah, there were the six years worth of damaged and cut wires ranging from phone lines and computer cables to appliance power cords. If I hadn’t loved that guy so much, he’d have been stew several times over!