Geez, guys, thanks for all the comments!

JasonR is right: if I’d had any sense, I would’ve saved it for Tuesday. But then again, it’s my impulsive nature that keeps me blogging. Whenever I hold a post to think it over for a few days, I invariably lose interest and end up never posting it at all. But I do like ignoring the lines between fiction and nonfiction when I write prose, because that’s one of the things I most enjoy about reading poetry: having to decide for myself whether and how much of it is factual or autobiographical, and whether it even matters — often it doesn’t. (We don’t categorize posts by genre at qarrtsiluni, either.)

suzanne – I think it was Ryokan, the Japanese Edo-period poet-monk, who used to care for his fleas by removing them to sun on a rock on cold days, carefully replacing them afterwards. That’s more compassionate than i’ll ever be by several orders of magnitude.

Marci – Nope, I’m in Blair. I remember that incident, though: guy was trapped under a fallen tree, and went all coyote on his leg with a chainsaw. Tough S.O.B.

Anne-Mieke – Oh, sorry about that! Sure, I’ll buy you a caramel icecream sometime. It might melt before it got to you, though. :)

David Harmon – See my response to suzanne. There’s a reason I don’t have pets! (Well, two reasons: I’m also too poor to pay for their upkeep.)