Tragically, yes, scattershot since I don’t have a pellet gun, and with dismal results, one dead, two “winged”. I haplessly find myself in the middle of a bloody war, with rats and groundhogs too, with a dog as my general and there are no civilians. I am now withholding birdseed, which as well seems to have been hard medicine. Most of the yardbirds have now cleared out after several days of obviously being very hungry. Clearly, my behavior is idiotic. The hummingbirds are here so now I’ll make sure the sugar keeps truckin’ north from the razed forests of Honduras to feed them. In the winter I do my best to make sure that little grows in Kansas but black oil sunflower. I’m a telling fragment of a society gone wrong! But hey it’s spring time now and even I can sense that I’m not responsible for any part of that.

Very interesting what you write about the flight patterns of butterflies.