6 Replies to “Blue Jeans (magnetic poem)”

  1. This is a fantastic poem. I like the absurdity but it also makes sense, if that makes any sense. I am really impressed. This (almost) makes me want to write poems again.

  2. Dana – Your comment just saved this post. I woke up this morning thinking that I really ought to take it down, because it just wasn’t up to my (fairly minimal) standards for poetry here. But since you like it, I’ll leave it up.

    A break from poetry might be a good idea for you if it means you keep blogging your memoirs. But there’s a lot to be said for writing poems even when one doesn’t feel like it, I find.

  3. How our clothes travel, and our words too! A creative way to sift for meaning, like catching words from your mind with a butterfly net. I’m looking forward to trying this. i love the semi-random nature of the process, the game of it, the play.

  4. It is fun. My only criticism of Shuffle Words is that they don’t provide any alternatives to the particular choice of words there now. So I can imagine getting rather tired of it after a few times.

  5. came over by way of WRP who had a link to your post for their latest prompt… have been to shuffleboard but never partook… really like the way it turned out… last line is perfect…

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