Fly in a Broken Window


Via Magnetic Poetry Online Kits (hat tip: sister AE). Also influenced by Tiel Aisha Ansari. Yes, I know I’m not an artist!

I was honored to have inspired the prompt at Read Write Poem this week with my “Blue Jeans” magnetic poem. You can find links to the other responses here.

While Shuffle Words compositions are constrained by the small number of total words, the problem with Magnetic Poetry Online’s Poet Edition (which sounds redundant, doesn’t it?) is the limited number of good verbs. Whoever put their word collection together seems to have been under the impression that poetry is chiefly concerned with nouns and adjectives.

12 Replies to “Fly in a Broken Window”

  1. That cuts it! Out come the magnetic words again. My granddaughter loves it when we have them on the refrigerator. We obviously need to get more creative. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, y’all.

    Too late it occurred to me why it doesn’t look much like a fly: NO WINGS! They would have been really tricky, though, at this scale.

  3. Prisoner of any moist hole — eek!

    Lots of stray lines to gleen from this experimental poem. I like all the gizmos, they’re fun to play with. I have a set of magnetic poetry in Spanish I used to use for my students. I had to pluck some of the more risque words from the batch, since it was public school!

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