George Carlin: Modern Man

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Carlin was not only an astute cultural critic and scourge of hypocrites, but a master of the English language. He’ll be missed.

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  1. This is brilliant! Where have I been that I’ve not heard him before?! Perhaps I don’t watch TV enough..


  2. That’s great, Dave. Thanks for posting it. He was brilliant.


  3. Watching that, I suddenly realize that a good deal of what I’ve done on my blog with my 24-7 Sermonettes & other rants, viddy or text, is but a weak emulation of the work of the master.


  4. thank you, Dave!


  5. Glad y’all liked.

    marja-leena – His primary venue for the past 25 years was the subscription channel HBO, which I suppose you might get in Canada. But many, many excerpts from his DVDs are available on YouTube.


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