Ode to a Coping Saw

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Perhaps because it is flexible
& maneuverable

or because it has as many teeth
as a school of piranhas

or because it relies on a pull
rather than a push

or because it prefers circles
to straight lines

or because it excels
at impromptu reconstitution

or because it encompasses
so much empty space

it copes.

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3 Replies to “Ode to a Coping Saw”

  1. uh oh, it’s a real poet – look busy!

    i appreciate your vote of confidence in my comment-response abilities. it’s just another “coping skill” i acquired along the way. [i am unable to state clearly what way, or to where.] it’s an improvement over the way i would have responded in the past – withdrawing like a startled pill bug.

  2. uh oh, it’s a real poet – look busy!
    Heh. Yeah, every time I publish a new poem, my stats dive. Go figure. I should get a goddamn cat or something.

    withdrawing like a startled pill bug
    Hey, good simile! (See, I knew there was a real poet under the crusty-punk exterior.)

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