marja-leena – None of that took place on this mountain. It was in the Rothrock State Forest, about 25 miles from here as the crow flies – the Seven Mountains region, which continues into an adjacent state forest (Bald Eagle) to form the largest and nicest block of public land in the area.

It’s been an excellent year for berries so far, and the highbush blueberries should be starting in another week or two. We pick gallons of them at a boreal-type bog in this same state forest. (In fact, we stopped there briefly on Tuesday. The rhododendron was just coming into bloom.)

Karen – Was he wrong? I’ve been tempted by dead porkie quills myself. But since I can’t sew, I’ve let them alone.

I would assume that they are being attracted to the roads for some reason (salt, maybe? Though the state forest roads aren’t maintained in the winter) where they are hit or shot. Many outdoorsmen are convinced that they’re doing a good deed by blowing away a porcupine. We do have plenty of fishers, but I can’t think why they would kill porcupines on roads.

Jo – Zen? Surely you jest. This is my Zen.