Old frog, new tricks

ticket booth

This is another postcard that will not appear on the fantastic new site postal poetry. That’s because I’ve joined Dana Guthrie Martin as co-editor, and we won’t be posting our own work. But we’re actively soliciting submissions from anyone and everyone else, and we’ve created a section where artists and poets can connect for collaborative contributions, as well. Come have a look!

7 Replies to “Old frog, new tricks”

  1. Thanks for the kind words. Somehow, the prospect of putting words on a card freed me to create something more fragmentary and mysterious than usual.

  2. Great card. I love the concept of postal poetry. You should aim for a grant from the US Postal Service, which worries about being left with no reason for being except EBay and junk mail.

  3. This poem is great. It got me thinking about the lady, and her connection to frogs, and I thought of warts. Am I stating the obvious? Anyway, a wonderful photo and poem.

    This is a great venture, one lots of writers and artists will love. I could seriously get addicted to it.

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