Porch 2.0

In case you haven’t clicked through to my mini-blog The Morning Porch lately, it has a new look, a new URL (though the old one redirects), and a few new features, including a search bar in the footer and a random post link up top. I’m still using Tumblr, and after ten months I have virtually no complaints about the service — unlike the frequently absent Twitter, whose 140-character limit inspired the format. (While I still do cross-post to Twitter, I much prefer the open-source alternative Identi.ca, where a growing number of other online writers trade thoughts, links, and occasionally lines of verse. You can read my own miscellaneous brain-farts, in addition to the daily morning-porchisms, here.)

The photo in the header may change seasonally; I haven’t decided. But the new design, which I modified from one by the Italian web designer Marco Giusto, feels almost too elegant for an Appalachian porch-sitter like me. Check it out.

4 Replies to “Porch 2.0”

  1. It’s very nice: clean, spacious, inviting. But shouldn’t that be a porcupine, rat, snake, or even a bear in the porch picture, not a dog?

  2. Thanks, folks. Jean, you’re right. But everytime I hear the two juvenile groundhogs who live under the house venturing out onto the porch, I’m not fast enough to catch them on camera. The dog at least was very cooperative.

    A porcupine would, of course, be my ultimate stand-in. Maybe someday I’ll get lucky.

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