Joan, there may well be other designs (internal-blade turbines, for example) that minimize damage to bats. But that won’t do much for other problems, especially the loss of fragile ridgeline habitat here in the east. And until we find an effective way to store wind and solar energy, large concentrations of such alternative energy plants will greatly destabilize the power grid.

The effect of external-blade turbines on migrating birds is somewhat different but just as severe, and what is most aggravating to me is the way most mainstream environmentalists are trying to push all the data under the rug and demonize those of us who oppose wind installations. Happy talk is better for fundraising than traditional doom-and-gloom, which as you can imagine I staunchly adhere to. We simply cannot continue to consume energy (or anything else) at our current level and expect that there won’t be some rather steep trade-offs in health and in biodiversity.