Tree art, tree stories

Richard with balm of Gilead

The next edition of the Festival of the Trees — the blog carnival for all things arboreal — will have a special theme, Art and Arboreality.

Many of us have specific, personal stories about a tree or forest from our lives. Blogging is a great medium for short story-telling, so that’s what I encourage this month: photoblog, videoblog, break out the crayons, sing a song, write a poem, whatever moves you: tell us a story about a tree or forest from your life. Or make one up. Or do something even cooler. (And then send me the link.)

Submit your blog posts to me via email at jadeblackwater [at] brainripples [dot] com, or use the blog carnival submission form.

The deadline for submissions is September 27. Don’t miss your chance to be included in what is sure to be a stand-out collection of blog links.

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