Moral: Never delete a Blogspot blog. Clear the archives if you need to, but keep at least one post there redirecting visitors to your new site. (#12)

That’s what I did with my Blogspot. In fact, I didn’t even clear the archives, but the last post leads readers to my blog at WordPress. I think because I was never an established blogger (never really had a focus), I lost readership(?) in the process. Not to mention I haven’t blogged much since I got a (teaching)J-O-B.

I found you sometime in late 2005, through writing circles here in SC. I’ve been enjoying Via Negativa since, even though I don’t comment much. I’ve also enjoyed the Plummer Hollows blog, being the tree-hugger I am. It was wonderful to get a visit too! (I think your inclusion of photography has been great – and because of you, I learned about the macro setting on my camera!)

I also enjoyed this history of your online voice.