suzanne – Really? I am so glad he found a good home with you, then. Best blog post I ever wrote. (And now I’m kicking myself that i didn’t put that in the roundup of “20 Things About Via Negativa” for my fifth blog-day last month.)

David – Well, it’s really only a matter of time before the woolly adelgid destroys all the hemlocks on the mountain – we have it in the hollow now, so very likely the next ten years are going to be agonizing ones. (The lower half of the hollow, not shown in that sledding video, contains several hundred hemlocks.) Given that, I don’t begrudge the porcupines a tree or two.

Since this was an orchard from the 1850s on, our soils are quite overrun (overcrawled?) with invasive earthworms. Which may have a lot to do with why so many acres of woods are being taken over by Eurasian shrubs, grasses and forbs.