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Video link.

A new poem-like thing gave me an excuse to use some video I’ve been hoarding.


Don’t forget to bookmark or subscribe to the feed for Moving Poems, where I’m posting other people’s videoetry at the rate of five a week, skipping the weekends. I’m having a blast hunting down poetry videos on the web (95% of it on YouTube, of course), and it looks as if it’ll be many months before I run out of material. Upcoming posts include poems by Paul Celan, Nazim Hikmet, Martin Espada, and Gabriela Mistral.

By the way, if anyone has an interest in helping out, I could definitely use help in finding and translating video poems in languages other than English and Spanish (and sometimes I need help in Spanish, too, but I don’t tend to let that stop me). You would of course get full credit and link-love.

4 Replies to “The Conversation”

  1. Dave, that’s splendid. The image transition from bubbling water to frozen (but with flowing water underneath) mirroring the transition in the poem… it’s simple, clever and exactly right. Videoetry… damn, something new I have to catch up with!

  2. Brian – Glad you liked. I’ll bet you could come up with damned good videoems. You don’t even need a camera, if you’re content to work with public domain video such as the stuff on the Internet Archive.

    quiet regular – Yes, you were there when I was filming the water. Ironically – and sadly – I was ignoring whatever you were saying to concentrate on the filming.

  3. Complete and completely wonderful, Dave.
    And now you’re tempting me to try my hand at this videotry thing.

    Will go look at your Moving Poems site first.

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