I went back and read some of what Pema Chodron has to say about hope. It’s more or less the flip side, I think, of what Jensen’s saying. She doesn’t seem to see hope as a surrender of agency but as a way of moving out of mindfulness and into an imaginary, more abstract, less grounded place. Out in front or behind this thing that’s happening now. She says,too, and I hadn’t remembered this, that hope and fear are connected and imply an inherent lack. So does Jensen, of course, and I think he’s right, that so much of contemporary civilization mandates transformation at a bare minimum. I’m becoming aware of a disconnect here for me between the idea of mindfulness and being here now and the need to tear down so many of the walls of our dysfunctional, corroded, hobbled society. This is all part of what’s frustrated me from time to time about Buddhism or what I know of it: it seems to me to imply a passivity that I just can’t quite get with much of the time.