Letter from Midsummer

This entry is part 14 of 15 in the series Ridge and Valley: an exchange of poems


Dear Todd,

I wonder what air
& daylight mean
to the boletes holding
their brown platters up,
or to Indian pipes
with their white
swan necks?
I guess it’s dissolution
that they’re after
here aboveground,
where you need
some kind of hide
or cuticle to hold
the darkness in.
They’re hoping for
a fetid breeze or
brush of insects—
whatever they can get.
Just now, sorting laundry
fresh from the line
in my warm bedroom,
I reached into
a black sweatshirt
to turn it rightside out
& found the evening
coolness hidden
in its sleeves.

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  1. Lovely – several images I especially liked: the white swans and the platters. But my favorite surprise was what you found in your shirt.


  2. These are great… I hope you know how I look forward to them!


    1. Thanks. I think Todd and family are away on vacation right now, so I don’t think he’ll respond with quite his usual alacrity (though I’m sure it won’t take him as long as it usualy takes me).


  3. Thanks for all the comments — and sorry for the sluggish rate of posting these days! My brain doesn’t work well in summer.


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