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      1. :) probably so!

        (Great photos! At first, I thought the goat was superimposed on the picture of the tree. The goat looks so fragile and otherworldly against the grand, telluric tree.)

          1. I think I first encountered it some years back in a translation of a Cesar Vallejo poem, along with the word glebe (q.v.).

    1. Thanks. Excellent point. I think subconsiously I was responding to a certain resemblance to that famous Medieval tapestry of a unicorn.

  1. I thought the goat must be a double exposure type collage thingy. I usually wait till the horses have finished their evacuations before photgraphing them, you make me feel awfully prissy and lacking in creative endeavour, it is glorious the way they stand and put their backs into it, isn’t it?

    Great stuff here, as ever,

    1. Thanks, Lucy. No, no double exposures. I did select the dark portions of the shot and lighten them so the tree bark would be visible, and this made the goat a more uniform shade of white. The resulting otherworldly impression appealed to me, and I decided to build on it with a couple other effects, although I figured that would make it look like a bit like a collage.

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