6 Replies to “Surveying the crowd”

  1. “take off my clothes and expose myself as I always do to the sea, its enormity, its danger?”

    I’ve known women like that… one of them called herself a witch, but could have passed for faerie. I spent over two years glamoured by her…

    1. Well, I was thinking of our propensity for flesh-baring swimwear in general. I like “glamoured”… though the pedant in me might prefer “englamoured.”

    1. Good! (I added a note to the post encouraging other people to put Others in the comments, too. I’ll have to remember to do that with polls from now on.)

  2. put a picture of a flame on my cellphone

    As long as its not an old flame. Let her go man.

    There’s actually an app on my ipod that does this.

  3. You know, I thought I might’ve heard that somewhere. For people who want to mime cigarette-lighter tributes at rock concerts, I suppose. Which was always pretty lame even in its original form, if you ask me.

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