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  1. absolutely love this, Dave – especially your use of hard “is” and “iss” sounds.

    “To live is
    to master a liturgy
    of winds — even yeast
    knows this”.


        1. It came later than the first draft, I can tell you that much. I guess the reason I don’t write to prompts too often is they force me to reverse my usual procedure of idea first, writing afterwards.

  2. the “s” sound compliments the “i” throughout, set up by “hiss.” very nice! and i love thinking of even those air bubbles caused by yeast as wind. the mention of liturgy makes the whole piece — and the act of making bread — a prayer.

  3. I like this, dave, especially because I’m the bread maker here. I always use the Tassajara Bread Book recipe, and find bread making meditative, like a zen practice. My breath, the bread’s rising, folding in on each other.

  4. Simple and elegant. Interesting that Michelle read the last line as “guilt”, it’s “quilt”, right? But strangely, they both work, although with rather different meanings.

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