New theory questions why we sleep

This same screech owl
was trilling at 4:00 p.m.
from across the field.

Water from the tap —
it’s still moving when I drink it.

I trembled like that once, too,
after days without sleep.
I felt invincible.

Gray fur spreads
through the coffee grounds.
I’m bleary-eyed again.


For Read Write Prompt #89: it came from the news.
(Update) Other responses are here.

15 Replies to “New theory questions why we sleep”

  1. I like how each stanza takes note of a different physical sense (hearing, taste, feeling/trembling, sight). And, just like the man who can’t take a sleeping break, each physical sensation can’t take a break — the owl’s voice keeps trilling; the drinking water keeps moving; the body kept trembling; the eyesight keeps blurring. I’m glad I read this fine poem, but now I’m very tired.

  2. Thank you, Dave. I try to leave specific, helpful, appreciative comments for as many RWP poets as I can. But if I get too “fancypants” :) with my comments on RWP, please let me know and I’ll dress down.

    1. Oh lord no. I just wish I could do the same. Despite majoring in comparative literature, I never really learned the art of effective literary analysis.

  3. you mean to tell me i’m not invincible? so many naysayers.

    dave, i like how this leaps from image to image — the connections are subtle and powerful. yeah, what therese says. constant motion.

    1. Thanks, Carolee. I don’t know about you, but this is a lesson I will probably never fully learn. I love sleeping, but I love all the stuff I can do when I’m awake even more.

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