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  1. This is great. I love how you connected ‘I have no words’ to the blank Scrabble tiles in the video. I think chopping block could be loosely compared to the tiles as well. Impressive video. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. I didn’t think of the possible tile-chopping block association. But my philosophy with these kinds of things is to bring two fairly dissimilar sets of images into conjunction, and hope that the result will end up being suggestive as you found this one to be, and not just a confusing mish-mash. :)

  2. This resonated for me a great deal, as did the original poem. I was spellbound by all that energy moving in a space of speechlessness dealing with the presence/absence paradox of all those blank tiles. I found myself thinking, what’s on the other side of those tiles? is it the poem? sometimes I have to work to be blank.

    1. Great comment! “Energy moving in a space of speechlessness” — I like that. So glad this resonated with you. Obviously, it’s very via negativistic. (Which reminds me, I need to tag it as such. Also need to stop writing in short sentences. I annoy myself.)

    1. Thanks! I liked that leaf too, and wish I hadn’t been so quick to remove it. But I felt this was the sort of idea that’s best done in one take.

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