I love the multilingual mega anthology idea and, like some of your other commenters, I immediately thought about a qarrtsiluni issue on the subject.

You’re right about the need for poetry that captures and attempts to spread that sense of awe and wonder for what’s left of the wild world around us and in fact, it’s been the subject that most excites me as a writer and has been the source of my almost yearlong obsession with writing poems about vultures and grackles.

Beyond the awe and wonder, though, I agree that extinction needs to be addresed. I’ve been working on a few poems about extinction. We’ll see I can finish any. Like Deb, I’m hesitant about wandering into rant.

I’m going to have to click through to learn about these plants and animals you’ve listed. The only one I’m familiar with is the Roseate Spoonbill, which I saw for the first time last summer.

Thanks for this post and also for including my hummingbird poem in the smorgasblog.