No argument there…but such is the way of the earth. Ask a pterodactyl and the alligator. The Arctic ecosystem is diminishing, hence the survival cycle we now see in place.

I am too pessimist (at least tonight) to believe that the politician in power will make the changes necessary to reverse this trend, or that we, the people, will rise together and demand such an action.

Can it, indeed, be reversed at this point?

In the mean time…here is my un-requested contribution…

The Haploid

Crawl and chew and build a maze,
Plant it deep with fungal haze.
Line our young in cells so tight,
The babies grow in dark to height.
Ambrosia for the larva. GOOD!
Chew, and chew and chew this wood.
Carry spores here on our feet.
And spread it down the tube to eat
Tuck the babies, dark inside
Done my work …
……………….and forests die.