What this isn’t

Unknown web searchers, I’m sorry you were led astray and ended up here. This is not a site about Amish rubber boots, heavy rain penis, existentialist haircut, tweety only poems about love, how is a turtle and a groundhog alike, or (Lord knows) poems and classy behavior. This isn’t a site about sexsexsex, what colour is cat vomit, what does a groundhog penis look like, don’t eat whatever you say, tips for surviving the apocalypse, how to make me happy, shit creek banjo, wood rat midden photo, poem about not being a dick, poems about being rescued from climbing, explanatory poems on mitosis, or 20 gauge crow hunting. Most of all, this is not a site about the via negativa. I’m sorry. Better luck elsewhere.

5 Replies to “What this isn’t”

  1. Crikey! Are those really the search terms that led some people to via negativa? (Mine, sadly, are all very tame by comparison!) I wonder if any of these folk stayed and found their lives changed for the better. ?

    1. Yes, these are all real, verbatim searches. Of course, I do also get searches for things I do have here, such as photos of hunters’ tree stands (my single most popular post!), poems about specific tools, Viking nicknames, etc. So I hope some people go away satisfied. Once in a rare while, somebody leaves a note to the effect of, “Came in on X post, stayed to read Y — good stuff.”

  2. Nice irony. (Your blog may or may not be about the via negativa. But your post has such an apophatic approach to self-understanding consistent with that title!)

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