Music from a tree and other arboreal diversions

Diego Stocco – Music From A Tree from Diego Stocco on Vimeo.

John Cage has always been a hero of mine (I love the quote that Laura includes in the sidebar of her blog, The Ordinary and the Wild: “I am trying to be unfamiliar with what I’m doing.”) Diego Stocco’s arboreal music-making also reminds me of another favorite quote, by the Spanish poet Miguel Hernandez: “The orange tree outside my window is a greater influence than all the poets put together.”

Stocco’s video (read all about the making of it at the Behance Network) is one of several things that blew me away at the latest Festival of the Trees complilation of blog links. Go. Visit.

4 Replies to “Music from a tree and other arboreal diversions”

  1. Absolutely brilliant, loved it. It’s not, strictly speaking, music FROM the tree but rather using the tree as instrument.

    It would be interesting to do another video recording the tree making its own music (eg: wind in the leaves, snapping branches, creaks and whistles, etc.) then editing/collaging the parts together to make a whole.

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