9 Replies to “All I have to say about poetics”

    1. Thanks! I don’t know if it’s worth sharing at Big Tent or not — doesn’t seem substantial enough for a “sideshow barker” post. But you’re welcome to it if you’re deperate for content.

  1. I think it is Big Tent substance! It could generate a lot of discussion. Is should have come immediately after my ars poetica 1st installment. People would have applauded so loudly you would hear it on your mountain top :-)

    1. You think? I actually kind of miss the more in-depth B.S. I used to sling. I seem to have gotten it all out of my system back in 2005 sometime.

  2. Okay – it is almost midnight here and I have been at a writing workshop all evening. . . Corrections: loudly and you would *hear* it. Fingers always faster than the spell check in my head.

    1. Corrections made. I used to have a nifty plugin that allowed people to edit their own comments for a limited time after posting, but it was one I had to cut out when the site got too slow from too much javascript and too many things trying to load at once. Pity to lose that functionality, though.

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