Enormous letters: haiku

The letters suddenly
look enormous —
ant on the keypad


Fireworks from the valley
blossom at eye-level —
the smell of gunpowder


My desk lamp has acquired
a curtain of beads:
white spiderlings


Coffee just poured,
I rinse the pot & find
a live firefly

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  1. Waking in the small hours… damned cough still torturing me… it was good to find your evocative Haiku. And I do the thing that has always helped me sleep, I learn new lines and carry them in my head back to bed. Running over something unfamiliar and absorbing derails the chaos of of fretfulness, and soon I begin to drift. I dredge myself up from dreams this morning intoning aloud

    ‘Fireworks from the valley
    blossom at eye level-‘

    while the dog watches me with curiosity.

    1. Clive – I’ve never been so flattered to learn that my writing has helped put someone to sleep! The dog is probably trying to figure out why he can’t see the chew toy you’re so obviously working on.

      Seriously, I’m sorry to hear you still have that cold. I’ve been noticing other reports of summer colds from far-flung friends and acquaintances on Facebook. Like everything else these days, I guess, the viruses are globalized. My mom came back from Newfoundland last Wednesday with a cold feeling, but fortunately shook it off after a good night’s sleep. Sleep is always the best medicine, I think.

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