12 Replies to “Merry Christmas from Plummer’s Hollow”

  1. Happy Holidays to you – and many, many thanks for sharing your art and soul with us. Your missives are always a high point in my day !
    Your generosity makes the world a better place.
    Grazie mille!
    Mil gracias!
    May the goddess of creativity continue to nurture your family.


    1. Not a day goes by when I don’t exchange greetings with at least one spice.

      Thanks for stopping by. You know, it would hardly be worth blogging at all on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day if I didn’t know my Jewish friends would be looking for something to relieve the boredom of a mostly quiescent internet.

      1. Yeah… I was thinking of doing the “traditional” Chinese food run, or maybe Indian, but instead it looks like I’ll be headed over to Mom’s for trout (from her farmshare — go figure) and computer wrangling. (She just got a new machine, so now she needs to transfer her data…)

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