Funny how things work, I saved your email to read today. . .and I’ve been thinking of seeing the movie. Denzell is rarely the magical negro but he’s magical to watch. . .very biased, I love his work. That said, as I read your blog, I thought back to the movie, “Rachel, Rachel” with Joanne Woodward. It was shot in what was the small towns near my home in Ridgefield, CT in the 60’s. . .in particular the small borough called Georgetown. The local funeral home was the main house, the small Methodist church cut down some shrubs to be used in the film and the local watering hole, Tony’s. My father was a regular at Tony’s. . .the film crew came in shot some film and then asked the locals to sign releases. My father refused to sign. He told the producer it wasn’t about money but the fact they should have asked for the releases before they shot the scene and he didn’t to be filmed drinking in a bar. My father got sober a good fifteen years later.