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  1. Is this like Peanuts Classic? Or is this a new lease on Diogenes’s life? If the latter, then your drawings are as good as ever!

    Keep on truckin’, VN! A happy seventh. I’m grateful to have shared at least the past six and a half with you.

    1. Thanks, Peter! No, this is new — it wouldn’t have gotten its own post otherwise. Also, about three years ago Adobe Illustrator discontinued the font I used to use for his messages, and I lost it in the automatic update. I’m still bummed about that. Comic Sans just doesn’t cut it.

  2. Long, long may you keep on truckin’, Dave. These glimpses into your mind and life are like flashes of light and warmth entering mine. They stir up smiles and sighs and admiration and question marks. “The twilight of this civilization with its wonderful tools for convivialty and grassroots publishing.”- yes, beautifully put!

  3. . . .

    Permission sought, sir, to adapt your worthy art to an editorial comment with illustration replacing the existing text with the following :

    ” Will
    for food ”

    The comment will relate to our ongoing campaign for greater awareness and response to the Global Journalism Crisis, which we believe pre-dates the recent Global Financial Crisis. WJR is a creation of JiCC, the Journalism in Crisis Coalition, founded January 2010, with a small but strategic membership of 600, centred mostly on the Development Networks Communication Initiative.

    As an informal non-profit, our titles remunerate on a strictly koha basis, that is, by voluntary time, kind and funding. All transactions are focused through TTT, Total Transparency Tools, an email-based RSS feed from related operational and institutional bank account. Income earnt through all this so far is zero. However, you can see a beta version, from my only personal bank deposit account, here :


    As you’ll see, my bank balance reflects my chosen field as a news media volunteer, founding JiCC as editor of a solo news agency, Avaiki Nius Agency, founded 1999 in Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

    Long-winded way of saying, your assent would be very much appreciated!

    . . .

    1. Go for it. All my stuff is Creative Commons licensed: Attribution Share-Alike. So give me credit somewhere, and please make your own cartoon Share-Alike as well. Thanks!

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