Spring Beauties

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Spring Beauty by Jennifer Schlick
Spring Beauty by Jennifer Schlick

Claytonia virginica

Prim pink pinstripes
beckon from the wet soil
beside the creek. But like
most beauties, they’re choosy
about their suitors,
unmoved except by just
the right bee visiting
in just the right order:
one day they hokey-
poke their stamens out;
the next, it’s the pistel’s turn.
Petals close even for a cloud.
And when flowering’s done,
they do their best
to pass for grass.
Who wouldn’t be wary
with such a large
& edible heart?


This is the first of what I hope will be a series of poems about spring wildflowers native to eastern North America, in response to macro photos by naturalist and blogger Jennifer Schlick. Even though Jennifer calls herself WinterWoman, and I’m quite fond of the season too, I figure a few of you might be ready to think spring thoughts…

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  1. I’m so excited! Sent this one to printer for a test print – giclee on watercolor paper. Anxiously await its return before sending the rest to be printed… Also anxiously awaiting the next poem!

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