Woodrat Podcast 33: Rachel Barenblat and Beth Adams on Torah Poems

Rachel Barenblat, Torah Poems cover, and Beth Adams
Rachel Barenblat (l., with new rabbi ears) and Beth Adams

A three-way conversation with the newly ordained Velveteen Rabbi, Rachel Barenblat, and Beth Adams, publisher of Rachel’s 70 Faces: Torah Poems. Rachel reads five poems from her new book plus a brand new Torah poem, and we talk about Biblical interpretation, Middle East politics, literary micropublishing, and more. (Although today is Tu BiShvat, the New Year of the Trees, I stupidly forget to bring that up. But you can read and listen to Rachel’s poem for the day on her blog.)

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Theme music: “Le grand sequoia,” by Innvivo (Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike licence)

11 Replies to “Woodrat Podcast 33: Rachel Barenblat and Beth Adams on Torah Poems”

    1. Related suggestion: I wish the long podcasts were divided into little chapters for people like me whose days are shattered into little pieces and don’t have an hour to just listen (unless doing the agony of a dozen loads of laundry or some such!) If it could be set up like a little book with “chapter headings” and maybe even a tiny description of what was in each one, I think it would be easier–at least for me.

      I had to run off. Now I’m back but don’t know exactly where I was… If there were chapters, I could pick up close to where I was very easily.

      Well, it is a thought! Or maybe you could post one version that is nonstop and then the others as chapters…

      1. the trouble is I have to pay for the storage, and your idea would have me storing twice as much for each podcast. Why not just click “play in a second window” and click pause when you have to go away for a while? Also, if you were to listen to it via iTunes, don’t they have a way of letting you pause and resume later at the same spot? (I’m not actually sure about that.)

        1. Oh. Oh. I see. Is the storage for the amount or per item? I still wonder if you wouldn’t get more listeners if they were in chapters–each shorter.

          I do have iTunes somewhere, thanks to my daughter. Shall remember that.

  1. I loved listening to this, and I love the work you’re all doing. It’s fascinating and enjoyable and a privilege to be brought so close to the creative process.

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