History in the Making (videopoem)

Watch on Vimeo.

what if the ground
were really like this
shifting every minute

what if it weren’t

what if the wind
were the world’s
truest lover
no place off limits
to its caress

it’s one thing to dance
in the streets but
what about dancing
in the prison of
your own heart


  1. Mesmerizing. I love the soundtrack and I think it works really well having the poem presented only as text.


    1. Thanks. I wish I had some fancier software and/or more patience to do more interesting things with text, but fortunately for me I am predisposed toward minimalism anyway. :)


  2. Wonderful stuff. Perfectly oblique, questioning, metaphorical. Just the right note. Wow.


  3. Interesting… Here you are working toward something where the poem is not complete without the sound and the visuals. Because it would be far different without them.


    1. That’s right. I include the text just for those on dial-up and the visually impaired who use screen readers, so they’ll still get something out of the post. While I may not go quite as far as Tom Konyves in insisting that “what differentiates videopoems from poetry-films today is the use of non-poetic texts to effect the experience of a poem … The poetry is the RESULT of the juxtaposed, blended use of text with imagery and sound,” I do feel that videopoetry should tend in that direction whenever possible, and not simply be an illustration of a text.


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