What Soup Can Do

The soup I had for lunch
continues to bubble.
Outside there’s fog & rain,
I’m sitting straight in my chair
reading from a screen
& when I hear a gurgle
I look out at the drainpipe,
unsure for a moment
whether the soup is in me
or I am in the soup.

I would like a recipe
for disorientation,
a map for getting lost.
It might say, Dissolve
each point of reference.
Bring to a boil.
Take stock.

16 Replies to “What Soup Can Do”

    1. I started reading that last year, actually, but set it aside because it’s a subject on which I’m still working out my own thoughts. She’s a great writer, though, so I’m sure eventually I’ll cave and read it.

    1. Sorry, I had to run off to a meeting there before I could give you a real answer. It was smorgasbord day; we each had a different leftover soup. I believe I got the pureed curry chickpea soup.

      I love just about all soups.

  1. I dig the puns in this as well as the plea for a map for getting lost. A useful thing that would be, I think.

    I like that new font you’ve got here… looks good. And, thanks for the link!

    1. Hi James – glad you like the new title font! I’ve been having too much fun with Google web fonts. I’m especially pleased with the new header font on The Morning Porch. The only blogs where I’m using imported fonts for anything besides the header so far are Moving Poems and the Moving Poems forum, where I might not stick with the current header styles, but I definitely like the font I’m using for all the other headings (Droid Sans). Elizabeth Eslin was encouraging me on Facebook to look into Font Squirrel, which has at least ten times more free fonts, including some that might serve as a legible base font. I’ll probably get around to that eventually. It’s an extra step or two, because to use those fonts you have to upload them to your server. Using Google web fonts is as easy as pasting the provided link in header.php, or using an @import call at the top of the stylesheet.

  2. Yes! I was just considering a metaphor maybe along the same lines this morning: if I could just make my peripheral vision my central vision . . .

    “A map for getting lost.” I’d love to make disorientation as easy to switch on — and, I must admit, off — as a TV. In spiritual matters, I’m an armchair quarterback.

    1. “if I could just make my peripheral vision my central vision”
      Yeah, it can be fun to sit as if in meditation and concentrate on the peripheries. The margins are interesting spaces. A lot goes on there.

  3. As a fellow soup – and pun – lover, I think this is super!

    Peter’s snail just reminded me of my brother’s account of a very trendy restaurant he went to in England where they served them fried sand eels and nettle soup, with snails in. I don’t know if it was on purpose or if they just omitted to pick the snails off the nettles. I like nettle soup very much but have never knowingly had it with snails in.

    1. Glad you liked — and thanks for not writing “souper”!

      Nettle Soup with Snails does not sound like something the Campbell’s Soup Company is going to be offering anytime soon.

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