Did not get particularly excited by Ginsberg, Kerouac, and Cassidy, or the “beat” writers. “Howl” would have remained unread or unheard if Ginsberg did not get hauled to court for “obscenity” in his poems. (Why on earth would literary ignoramuses take on poetic license?)

By the way, James Franco, himself a poet, could not “capture” the raw, raspy, rabidly rebellious Ginsberg. A James Dean, look-a-like, his is too pretty a face (no aspersion cast). In the 60s, when we were at the university, we talked about the beatniks, aped Dean in “East of Eden”, and “Rebel without a Cause”, but wrote a la T.S.Eliot instead. Come to think of it, Eliot changed our versification strictures and got us out of our Romantic ruts. Ginsberg , accidentally, helped

En passant, Dave, your video poetry is here to stay to struggle, perhaps, against rap and extant orature “poetry” because you still subscribe to authentic poetic bona fides. Interesting dream. Thanks for the post.