Superb frozen drink machine (unsolicited email)

Hello, my friend, glad to hear that you are interested in frozen drink machine. I am semi-aquatic, our company specialize in various habitat for 4 billion year, with the customers from diverse phyla, and hopes to find a way to cooperate with you. We have various kinds of iceberg, pack ice, glacier, snowcone, and other beverage and river dispenser with high quality and competitive price which will be suitable for your market and customer. You may visit our biosphere to get more information, free samples can be teleported on request, call me, let’s talk more. Do not wait as supplies are increasingly few. I anticipate your generous reply.

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  1. Dear, I am long a friend of frozen drink machines. I am specialized in mountain habitat for not so many billion year, but I can cooperate with you. I want to know the high quality of your iceberg, your glacier, your snowcone, exceptionally for today. Where can we get information to teleport to your biosphere? We cannot wait until the sky rains ice cubes. I too anticipate your generous reply.

    1. Hello my friend, after further inqueries I seem your climate leads to breakdown in superb frozen drink machine. Failure to follow manufacturers instructions make void the warranty. We can provide new but it won’t go long time unless bringing down fast the coal burning, oil burning, forest burning, cattle fart and other emission release. Deep apologies and regards.

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