poetry postcard: image of conjoined apples with text - Words failed me so often in your presence I switched to prose.


    1. Not really, but I might post new stuff if people sent it to me now and then. I just did some work on the site yesterday to make it load faster, and that’s what brought the medium to mind. As I commented on Facebook a little while ago, the elliptical relationship between image and text on some of the cards must’ve prepared me to appeciate videopoetry — I went straight from curating Postal Poetry to Moving Poems. (The great advantage of the latter is that I don’t have to rely on submissions, I can go on YouTube and Vimeo and find stuff already free for embedding. Saves an enormous amount of time.)


  1. So these are the apples that inspired one of my favorite Morning Porch tweets this morning! Neat!


  2. Monozygotic or dizygotic? And did it/they taste good?


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