Indicator Light

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Light-emitting diode,
baleful regardless of color,
our passport to a firefly future
of light without heat:
how it glows in the darkness,
like the wood-rot fungus known as foxfire.
I reach for it & startle
at the apparition of my finger—
clearly the finger of an alien
from some planet with a distant sun
& too many moons.

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4 Replies to “Indicator Light”

  1. Clearly ET has come home to us. (grin) Love this! I no longer need a night light with all the colorful blinking diodes of puter, printer, tube, VCR, and monitor. It’s like a circus in here.

  2. I’m gathering some Small World selections, for reading room recitations today. One of my kids waived the h.s. speech team try-out, based upon his public (BREAD-sponsored) poetry performances. Can’t wait to hear the mournful trailing of “too many moooooooooooons”.

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