Desiring Brightness

She touched my jacket admiringly and said we had the same taste,
except she favored black and white, not so much brightness.

I on the other hand was tired of all the overcast shades
in the closet, wanted a shot of lime and vodka, its brightness.

Oh did I say vodka? I meant of course something crisp and light,
not overbearing; something not neon or cloying in its brightness.

The peach and lemony light of summer has swirled away too quickly.
And no one dries their laundry on the line anymore, for brightness.

One-touch and power settings, then time, then start. Then a circuit
shorting, equals a dead microwave. But there’s a stove! Brightness!

Above the clatter of knives and chafing dishes, he said: So when
are you taking me out?
That little swell: fishing for brightness.

I exited the hall as the lights were dimmed, and drove toward the water.
The water was all shades of lilac; the street lamps vied for brightness.


In response to small stone (162).

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