Blankets (a simple song)

for Rachel

I have four blankets on my bed:
one is the color of a clear winter sky,
one is the color of the river,
one is the color of the Atlantic ocean
& one is the color of your eyes.
Lying under my four blue blankets
I am warm, too warm, I toss & turn —
not like an airplane in a winter sky,
not like a salmon swimming upstream,
not like a buoy riding out a storm
but like a piece of grit
in a drop of salt water
exiled from the blue of your eyes.

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9 Replies to “Blankets (a simple song)”

      1. Four blue blankets on my bed…

        That sounds like a lost line from the Black Paternoster…

        Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,
        Bless the bed that I lie on.
        Four corners to my bed,
        Four angels round my head;
        One to watch and one to pray
        And two to bear my soul away.

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