In praise of the yin state

The Good Typist:

The prospect of getting lost, physically or otherwise, has always terrified me. But I am coming to see that there is power in being lost. There is power in existing in a state of not-knowing, of having no answers, no foregone conclusions, no assurances, and no real sense of the outcome. I have stopped fighting it, and have instead decided to explore it, to feel its textures, and see what it has to offer. And I find that I’m enjoying the drift, the sense that all possibilities are open and that I don’t yet know what is unfolding for me creatively, only that something is.


  1. Dave, Your words are wonderfully wise and true. Thank you. Grant


    1. Thanks, Grant, but this is actually a quote from the Seattle-based poet Kristen McHenry — click the link at the top to read the whole post.


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