Twelve Simple Songs now also available as an iBook

iBook screenshotThanks entirely to Rachel, for all you iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users, Twelve Simple Songs is now available as an iBook! I’ve only seen PDF versions of it, since I don’t own any iGadgets, but I’m told there are clickable audio players with my readings on each double-page spread, and the videopoem by Swoon with readings by Nic S. is included at the end.

Like the other versions, it’s free. But it did cost Rachel a certain amount of aggravation, including many hours of work, frustration at poor support docs, and a spilled beverage on her keyboard and adjacent electronic devices. So if you can, please check it out and give it a rating. Thanks.

UPDATE: Rachel has blogged about the making of the iBook.

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      1. Very very sticky for sure. And not good for keyboards or mice. I should always remember the cleansing properties of alcohol when choosing my beverages in future.

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