Twelve Simple Songs now available in print

Twelve Simple SongsYou can now order a print copy of Twelve Simple Songs from The link is I’ve also created a dedicated page for the book at my author website:

While not absolutely perfect, the quality of the photo reproduction in the print edition is pretty adequate, I think. Including shipping to the U.S. from the printer in the Netherlands (kind of disappointing that they don’t have a print partner in the US yet), I paid just $15.78 — that’s for the medium size (210mm or 8 1/4 inches square), full-color, glossy paperback option, which is the one I’d recommend. Not bad! When you click on the link, you’ll also have the options of magazine format (which I think means saddle-stapled rather than perfect bound) and hardcover.

I’m selling these at cost because the book started as a gift and I would like to continue to give it away in the spirit of Ecclesiastes 11:1. Exploring affordable, full-color print publishing options is something I’ve wanted to do for some time, so I am very much benefiting from all this.

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  1. Looking forward to getting my copy in the mail soon! Just ordered!


  2. Thanks. I must say I really like giving this book away. It’s such a relief not to feel as if I have to sell it — not to have any goals for it at all other than simply to make it as available as possible.


    1. I’ve read my copy more than once, and am really enjoying the juxtaposition of words and images on the pages, and the way both continue to move me. This is a beautiful little book.


      1. Thanks, Rachel. I’m really glad to hear this. For obvious reasons, it’s harder for me to view this collection dispassionately than it would be for most of my other stuff, so it’s good to hear that it works so well for you.


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