(Lord’s day). Lay long abed.
To Mr. Mossum’s; a good sermon. This day the organs did begin to play at White Hall before the King.
Dined at my father’s. After dinner to Mr. Mossum’s again, and so in the garden, and heard Chippell’s father preach, that was Page to the Protector.
And just by the window that I stood at sat Mrs. Butler, the great beauty.
After sermon to my Lord. Mr. Edward and I into Gray’s Inn walks, and saw many beauties.
So to my father’s, where Mr. Cook, W. Bowyer, and my Cozen Joyce Morton supped and to bed.

Organs play for the moss in the garden,
the great beauty walks to cook:
my Zen.

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Sunday 17 June 1660.

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