Atang ti Kararua*

*offering to the spirits

Adtoy kami a makidaya
kadakayo nga simmina

kadakami ditoy nalidaay a daga—
Umali kayon, makiinom,

makipangan. Saan kuma
nga agbalbaliw

iti pannakapateg yo—
Kasla tagtagitnep

dagitoy aldaw ken rabii
no saan a naulesan

ti arakopyo.


Here we are to supplicate
you who’ve left us

in this desolate world—
Come and drink, come

share our food. May
your faithfulness

remain unchanged—
For the days and nights

are merely dreams
stripped of the blanket

of your embrace.

2 Replies to “Atang ti Kararua*”

  1. Thank you for sharing! :)
    Here is one our family uses.
    Umay kayon Apo nga adda dita abagatan
    Dakayo ng adda dita daya,
    Dakayo ng adda dita laud.
    Dakayo ng adda dita amianan
    Dakayo amin!
    Umay kayon a sangapada
    Pagraramanan tayo daytoy a sagot.

  2. “Umali” is also the Igolot word for “come.” “Naliday nga daga” might have another ring if it were “naled-daang a daga”. Good to know you have not forgotten to write in our dialect. Write on, L.

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