Martial Artist

(Office day). I got 42l. 15s. appointed me by bill for my employment of Secretary to the 4th of this month, it being the last money I shall receive upon that score.
My wife went this afternoon to see my mother, who I hear is very ill, at which my heart is very sad.
In the afternoon Luellin comes to my house, and takes me out to the Mitre in Wood Street, where Mr. Samford, W. Symons and his wife, and Mrs. Scobell, Mr. Mount and Chetwind, where they were very merry, Luellin being drunk, and I being to defend the ladies from his kissing them, I kissed them myself very often with a great deal of mirth. Parted very late, they by coach to Westminster, and I on foot.

I go in secret.
The score I hear is my heart,
is for bell and wind.
Drunk, I defend myself
with a late foot.

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Friday 14 September 1660.

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