2013 in photos: Touched by a Rachel

I took a lot of photos this year, most of them during the two months I spent in the UK. I never did get around to sharing them all, so let me try to make up for lost time with a few gargantuan posts. One benefit of taking a look back is seeing patterns that one might not notice otherwise.

Holding up a beech

Here’s Rachel laying her hand on beech trees in Hebden Bridge,

Rachel with sycamore

and here she is with a sycamore in the center of Bradford on Avon,

churchyard yew Bradford-on-Avon

a churchyard yew,

tithe barn 2

the tithe barn door,

Rachel with leaning tree

a beech in a Wiltshire woodland,

Avebury stones 8

a stone at Avebury,

Avebury stones 1

another stone at Avebury,

Machrie Moor-4

a stone at Machrie Moor,

Meri Wells studio 3

a sculpture in Meri Wells’ studio in central Wales,

common ash tree

and a big ash tree in the village of Brill.

They say British people are more reserved than us Yanks, but I’m the one who tends to keep my hands to myself — all the while snapping photos like a voyeur. It’s sad, really. I am literally and figuratively out of touch.

London pub scene

With a few notable exceptions.

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  1. Dave, that is so not true. Last year when you and Rachel were about to leave Aberystwyth, you gave me a hug at the station, and it was a damned fine hug!


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