Last Call

“Let the pursers and clerks
make up their accounts…” – D. Bonta

Will it be held against me
that I have three rhinestone hairpins,
red Converse sneakers, and not a single
karaoke machine? Who will testify
to the justness of keeping a half-
slip embroidered with rosebuds
in the bottom of the sock drawer,
or that it was last worn at a First
Communion? Will the Bank of Final
and Never-to-be-Repeated Disastrous
Experiences agree to cashing one
more check, or better still, absolving
all debt? And when all offices close
for the rest of the season, will they
let me wait with a hopefully handsome
escort in the gazebo, instead of
in the sauna of no return?


In response to Via Negativa: Initiation.

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